AI powered Customer Support

Are the same questions being asked over and over again in Discord? Can your mods not keep up with the 24/7 Q+A? Our AI powered bot delivers trusted answers instantly 24/7. Reduce the burden on your moderators and foster more meaningful conversations in your community.

Community Automation & Education Tools

Streamline your community management. Easily share key information with newcomers and help them become contributors, create support tickets, build your knowledge base, collect information from your community.

AI Powered Support

Our AI bot is (almost) sentient

Meet Scout, your trusted community companion. Our bot is powered by GPT-3 to identify repetitive questions, and deliver trusted answers instantly. Train and update your bot directly in Discord or through our Admin Portal.

Equipped for exploration 

Easily manage your bot’s answer repository and your community’s FAQs from a central dashboard. Monitor top questions and mod activity.

Raise a flag

Seamlessly allow community members to open support tickets to collect critical details. Automatically categorize requests and assign tickets to the right team member for problem resolution in a timely manner.

Collective knowledge is precious cargo

Deliver content to members that they can consume at their own pace and integrate 1:1 support.

Meet Scout!

Joining a new community can be overwhelming. It doesn't have to be. Easily share key information with newcomers and help them become contributors.

Stay up to date with our announcements, product releases, and our community.

Community Automation & Education Tools

First landings are important

Help turn your community members into contributors by understanding who is in your community and why they are here. Our onboarding survey and captcha automate role delivery and provide you with a holistic view of who your community members are. 

Survey the landscape

Automate partnership requests, wallet collection, polls, and informal surveys.

Fly through your training

Educate your customers by walking them through your products and services step by step.

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