How to set up a Thriving Discord Community

December 7, 2022

How to set up a Thriving Discord Community

December 7, 2022

Discord is an amazing product to bring people together. A chat based community that anyone can join can allow companies to speak directly to their users, for people all over the world to connect over shared interests and for contributors to collaborate on projects together.

Discord can also be a chaotic place. Moderators can easily be overwhelmed with bots and scammers. New members may be confused and post repetitive messages in all servers, important messages may get lost, new members can churn if they don’t know how to contribute. 

The key to building an engaging community is to ensure that new members feel welcome and know the rules of engagement. If they’re unable to navigate your server, members may give up on engaging with your community before they can unlock its benefits. 

Whether your community’s goal is to build social relationships, educational, for customer support, or users of a product to share best practices, here are a few tips to help your community operate smoothly. 

Reduce Bots and Scammers

First things first. Verify that your members are actually human. Use an in-channel captcha to verify new members and kick users who time out -- never click on any suspicious links. 

Craft a Welcome Experience

The most important experience in your server is the first experience for new members. 

Consider creating a welcome survey to learn about why new members are joining, how they would like to participate. Use a quiz to share key information with newcomers and to test your community members’ knowledge.

Use Roles to Align Incentives and Keep Channels Relevant

Set different roles to manage member permissions and access in your server. You can divide your members into specific groups to establish different privileges and permissions. 

Alternatively, use roles to acknowledge everyone’s experience level or rank in the server while keeping everyone’s permissions the same.

Create a FAQ

As the community grows, so does your conversation volume. Dedicate a channel to support your members’ most frequently asked questions. Deliver answers to common inquiries quickly and provide resources about your project and community so your members aren’t left waiting.

While in-channel chat is an excellent way to handle questions real-time, allow members to open tickets for more inquiries that require extra support.

Leverage Bots for Automations

MEE6 is a bot that enables your members to connect their wallet and earn their way up the ranks with a customized leveling system.

Use Scout to keep conversations on track. Warn and ban users based on the infraction parameters that you set.

Stat bot provides sophisticated data on member and channel activity in a dashboard so you can measure your community health over time.

Use to reward quality contributions and encourage engagement. It allows you to receive tips in a variety of cryptocurrencies and keep the good vibes going without fees.

Tweetshift lets you stay up to date with Twitter accounts by automatically posting Tweets in-channel. Create a custom feed of relevant accounts and allow members to engage with Tweets directly.

We want to help you build a thriving community by starting with the fundamentals. Join us in our Discord server to learn from other community leaders and share your perspective.

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